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GSK Saudi Arabia Job Openings: Earn up to 11,000 Saudi Riyals

GSK Saudi Arabia Job Vacancies: Unlock Earning Potential of up to 11,000 Saudi Riyals


GSK, a prominent brand in Dubai, maintains a strong presence with multiple branches across each Emirate in the United Arab Emirates.

About GlaxoSmithKline

Officially known as GlaxoSmithKline, GSK is a British multinational corporation headquartered in the vibrant city of London. It proudly holds its place among the top ten largest pharmaceutical companies globally.

GSK is a well-recognized household name, celebrated for its extensive portfolio encompassing vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and nutritional products, addressing diverse healthcare and nutritional needs. Presently, GSK boasts a dedicated workforce exceeding 99,000 employees worldwide, all working tirelessly to enhance the well-being, productivity, and longevity of people across the globe.

Diverse Job Openings

GSK’s commitment to serving the Saudi community is evident through its diverse range of job openings. Whether you’re an experienced healthcare professional, a research enthusiast, a marketing genius, or an aspiring fresh graduate, GSK offers positions tailored to your skills and ambitions. From research and development to sales and marketing, GSK presents a variety of roles that can align with your career aspirations.

Competitive Salaries

A standout feature of GSK’s ongoing hiring drive in Saudi Arabia is the competitive salaries offered. With salaries reaching up to 11,000 Saudi Riyals, GSK ensures that its employees receive fair compensation for their expertise and dedication. These salaries not only compete well within the local job market but also reflect GSK’s commitment to acknowledging and rewarding top talent.

Comprehensive Benefits

GSK places a strong emphasis on the well-being and professional growth of its employees. Alongside competitive salaries, they provide comprehensive benefits packages, encompassing healthcare coverage, retirement plans, and continuous training and development opportunities. GSK values its employees as vital assets in their mission to improve healthcare outcomes.

How to Apply for GSK Careers

To apply for a job at GSK:

  1. Visit the GSK Careers website.
  2. Browse job openings and select a suitable position.
  3. Complete the online application form.
  4. Submit your resume/CV and required documents.
  5. Await further communication regarding your application status.

Available Positions at GSK in Saudi Arabia

Intern (UAE National) Dubai Apply Now
Electrical and Calibration Lead Saudi Arabia Apply Now
Legal Head Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Apply Now
Medical Representative – AlMadinah Saudi Arabia Apply Now
Salesforce Effectiveness Specialist Saudi Arabia Apply Now
Omnichannel Analytics & Insights Lead Saudi Arabia Apply Now
Experience Design & Omnichannel (OC)
Orchestrator Lead
Saudi Arabia Apply Now
Legal Head Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Apply Now
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