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KAUST Job Openings in Saudi Arabia: Earn Up to 15,000 Saudi Riyals

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology: Explore Opportunities with Up to 15,000 Saudi Riyals Salary


King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia extends a warm welcome to individuals with dynamism, just like you. If you have a fervor for elevating your career and making a meaningful impact in pioneering research, this might be the long-awaited opportunity you’ve been seeking.


King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is a renowned institution dedicated to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and innovation. Situated against the backdrop of the Red Sea in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia, KAUST is a beacon of academic excellence and research prowess.

Established in 2009, the university has quickly earned a reputation for its commitment to groundbreaking research across a wide spectrum of disciplines, from computer science and engineering to environmental science and materials science. KAUST’s campus is not only a hub of intellectual exploration but also a model of sustainability, featuring environmentally conscious designs and practices.

The institution’s global outlook is reflected in its diverse community of scholars and students from over 100 countries, fostering a rich and collaborative academic environment. Moreover, KAUST’s strong emphasis on innovation, technology transfer, and entrepreneurship has led to the development of practical solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

As KAUST continues to shape the future through research and education, it stands as a testament to the power of knowledge and international collaboration in advancing science and technology for the greater good.

Job Openings at KAUST

KAUST is currently offering a range of exciting job openings, spanning various fields and expertise. Whether you are an experienced professional or a fresh graduate eager to make your mark, there might be a position tailored to your skills and aspirations.

Competitive Salaries:

One of the many advantages of working at KAUST is the competitive compensation package. Salaries at KAUST are known to be generous, with the potential to earn up to 15,000 Saudi Riyals. This reflects KAUST’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding talent and dedication.

Why Join KAUST:

  • Cutting-Edge Research: KAUST is at the forefront of scientific research and innovation. Joining KAUST means becoming a part of groundbreaking projects that have the potential to shape the future.
  • Diverse Community: KAUST is a global hub for talent, with a diverse community of researchers, faculty, and staff from around the world. This rich blend of cultures and perspectives creates an enriching and collaborative environment.
  • Career Development: At KAUST, your professional growth is a priority. The university provides ample opportunities for learning, development, and advancement.
  • Work-Life Balance: KAUST understands the importance of work-life balance. The campus offers a range of amenities and recreational facilities, ensuring that you can enjoy a fulfilling personal life alongside your career.

How to Apply for KAUST Careers

To apply for opportunities at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), follow these general steps:

  1. Visit the KAUST Careers Page: Start by visiting the official KAUST website and navigating to the careers or jobs section. You can usually find this section in the website’s main menu or through a dedicated “Careers” link.
  2. Explore Job Listings: Browse through the available job listings to find positions that match your skills, qualifications, and career interests. KAUST typically provides detailed job descriptions and application instructions for each position.
  3. Create an Account: Some organizations, including KAUST, may require you to create a user account or profile on their career’s portal. This allows you to track your application progress and receive updates.
  4. Submit an Online Application: Select the specific job opening you wish to apply for and click on the “Apply” or “Submit Application” button. This will usually lead you to an online application form. Fill in all the required information, including your personal details, educational background, work experience, and any other requested information.
  5. Upload Documents: Prepare your application documents, including your resume/CV, cover letter, and any other relevant documents such as transcripts, certificates, and reference letters. Upload these documents as per the application instructions.
  6. Complete Additional Steps: Depending on the position and KAUST’s specific requirements, you may be asked to complete additional steps, such as online assessments, video interviews, or in-person interviews.
  7. Review and Submit: Carefully review your application to ensure accuracy and completeness. Once you are satisfied, submit your application.

Job Vacancies at KAUST in Saudi Arabia

Research specialist – Synthetic organic chemistry Saudi Arabia Apply Now
Postdoctoral Fellowships in Quantitate Genetics for Crop Improvement Saudi Arabia Apply Now
Assistant/Associate Professor in Sustainable Polymers Saudi Arabia Apply Now
Postdoctoral Position in ‘Wheat Comparative Genomics’ Saudi Arabia Apply Now
Faculty Positions in Cybersecurity and Dependability: 2023-2024 Saudi Arabia Apply Now
Postdoc for Synthetic Biology and Generative Biology Saudi Arabia Apply Now
Junior and Senior Post – Doctoral Fellowships in Cancer Research and/or Glycobiologysition Saudi Arabia Apply Now
Faculty Position in Chemistry Saudi Arabia Apply Now
Postdoctoral Research Fellow – Structural and Molecular Biology (2) Saudi Arabia Apply Now
Postdoctoral Fellowship Position – Data Driven Machine Learning Saudi Arabia Apply Now
Postdoc in Machine Learning Saudi Arabia Apply Now
Postdoctoral Research Dellow – Modeling Naturally Fractured Reservoirs using Finite – Element – Based Methods Saudi Arabia Apply Now
Postdoctoral Research Fellow – Genome Engineering with CRISPR / Cas Systems Saudi Arabia Apply Now
Postdoctoral Research Fellow – Assessment of Carbon Capture and Storage (CSS) Potential in Saudia Arabia Saudi Arabia Apply Now
Postdoctoral Research Fellow – Polymeric Membrane Development Saudi Arabia Apply Now
Faculty Positions I Electrical and Computer Engineering 2024 – 2025 Saudi Arabia Apply Now
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