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2 Deaths, 80+ Injured in Pakistan’s Independence Day Celebratory Gunfire

Tragedy Strikes Karachi on Pakistan's Independence Day Eve


Karachi, Pakistan – The happy celebration of Pakistan’s 77th Independence Day turned sad as at least two people died, and 85 got hurt because of people shooting guns to celebrate. This incident shows the darker side of the celebrations, and it reminds us that we need stricter rules and more awareness about how dangerous this careless shooting can be.

On August 14, 1947, Pakistan became free from British rule, and this year, as the country celebrated 76 years of freedom, the streets of Karachi heard gunshots. These gunshots remind us that keeping everyone safe during celebrations is not easy.

A terrible thing happened when a 25-year-old woman was riding a motorbike with her family, and she got hit by a bullet near People’s Chowrangi. She lost her life, and her family is very sad. The police don’t know where the bullet came from, so they need to find out to stop this from happening again.

In another sad event, a man was killed by a bullet while he was sleeping on his roof in Lyari’s Aath Chowk. This reminds us that shooting guns without thinking can hurt innocent people.

Many injured people were taken to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (JPMC). One young person was hurt badly because a bullet hit their head. The doctor said 32 people were hurt, and they were between 12 and 55 years old. Some of them were women. This shows that the bullets didn’t care who they hurt.

Abbasi Shaheed Hospital and Civil Hospital Karachi also had many people hurt by bullets. This shows that the situation was serious. We need to have stricter rules against shooting guns for celebrations, and we need to tell people about the dangers so they don’t do it.

This year’s Independence Day in Karachi was sad because of the gunfire. We should celebrate by being happy and safe. The deaths and injuries from the shooting make the celebration feel bad. This should make everyone, including the government and people, think about how to celebrate without hurting anyone. As Pakistan goes forward, we need to make sure this doesn’t happen again, so our celebrations can be happy and safe for everyone.

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