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Bilal Shah, husband of TikToker Hareem Shah, kidnapped in Karachi.


“My husband, Bilal Shah, was with me in London last week; when he arrived in Karachi, he was abducted by people dressed in plain clothes,” claims Hareem Shah.

TikToker Hareem Shah’s husband, Bilal Shah, has been kidnapped in Karachi. Hareem Shah has also released a video message in which she claims that her husband Bilal Shah was with her in London last week and when he reached Karachi, he was abducted by people dressed in plain clothes. She said that her husband has no connection with any kind of politics, and a petition has also been filed in court for his recovery. According to sources, Bilal Shah is being questioned about Hareem Shah’s Twitter account. Hareem Shah denies that the controversial account is hers and does not know who is operating it. TikToker Hareem Shah said that according to the eyewitnesses of the kidnapping, the people who came in a car abducted Bilal.

Hareem Shah says she does not know who is involved in the kidnapping of her husband Bilal Shah and requests law enforcement agencies to recover her husband.

It is clear that a few days ago, Hareem Shah released a video of a woman who claims to be the wife of Captain (Retd) Safdar, the chief organizer of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N), Maryam Nawaz. The video clip surfaced after a warning from Hareem Shah early in the day. In the video shared on the platform X, Hareem Shah claims that the woman in the 35-second clip is Zarina Safdar. She further wrote that the couple visibly has a son named Azan Safdar. In the video, the woman can be seen crying, saying, “I am crying because of you today. You have broken my heart, I am no longer a part of your life.” Captain (Retd) Safdar’s apparent wife says, “Go, now you can do whatever you want, one day you will realize my worth, because of you my happiness and everything is ruined. God willing, God will take revenge on you for me.” The video ends with a picture of the woman and her child. It is worth mentioning that the woman did not mention Captain (Retd) Safdar or Maryam Nawaz’s name throughout the entire video. The TikToker advised that if the woman appearing in the video is lying, then Maryam or her husband should deny the allegations.

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