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CCP Unable to Recover Rs. 68 Billion Pending Dues

Competition Commission of Pakistan Faces Challenge in Retrieving Pending Amount


In a concerning revelation, the Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has faced difficulties in collecting a substantial sum of over Rs. 68 billion in unpaid dues from companies found guilty of anti-competitive practices.

A document obtained by ProPakistani sheds light on the matter, indicating that the CCP has grappled with uncollected dues from the years spanning 2007 to 2022.

According to the document, the commission has struggled to recover the outstanding amount of Rs. 68.92 billion during this period. Up to the present, a mere Rs. 130 million of the total amount has been successfully reclaimed.

Insiders suggest that companies deemed culpable of violating anti-competitive regulations face substantial fines. However, they swiftly approach courts, leading to the protraction of the recovery process due to pending court cases.

It’s noteworthy that the CCP operates as an autonomous agency with quasi-regulatory and quasi-judicial authority under the Government of Pakistan. Tasked with upholding economic competition laws, the CCP plays a crucial role in fostering fair and healthy competition within Pakistan’s economic landscape.

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