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Chakwal Farmer Builds Mini Dam Providing Water to Villages

Chakwal Farmer's Six-Year Effort Yields Mini Dam and Water Revival


In a remarkable feat, a Chakwal farmer has successfully constructed a mini dam that is supplying water to his land and neighboring villages. After six years of determined effort, the farmer completed the mini dam in Bukhari Kalan, located 30 kilometers away from Chakwal city. Spanning 35 acres and costing around 4 crore rupees, the dam has a depth of 15 feet.

This ingenious structure collects rainwater and river runoff, benefiting an area of 100 acres initially, with a capacity to irrigate up to 200 acres. The visionary behind this initiative, Chaudhry Irfan, shared that the region faced water scarcity and relied heavily on rainwater. Recognizing the need to preserve water resources, he and his team decided to harness this precious resource.

Over the six-year period, their efforts bore fruit as the dam now supplies water to their lands and has improved the water table in the area. Additionally, a small canal has been constructed, transforming once-barren land into lush greenery.

Chaudhry Irfan revealed that a canal was built within the tunnel, delivering 18 cusecs of water to twin villages, including Bhakari Kalan. This region, once arid, has now flourished due to the irrigation provided by the dam.

To further contribute to the community’s needs, the farmer is exploring the possibility of generating electricity using the dam’s resources. He highlighted the challenges of high electricity bills faced by farmers and expressed hope in generating 70 KW of electricity through the dam’s turbine.

Chaudhry Irfan’s dedication to sustainable water management and energy generation stands as a testament to innovation at the grassroots level. His mini dam has not only transformed the landscape but also the livelihoods of the people it serves.

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