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Coca-Cola Introduces Y3000: The First AI-Crafted Soda

Y3000: Coca-Cola's Artificially Intelligent Flavor Creation


Coca-Cola has unveiled an exciting addition to its lineup – Y3000, a soda with a twist, as it’s the world’s first soft drink crafted with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). The process involved reaching out to people globally to gather their thoughts on the future, including emotions, colors, and flavors. Coca-Cola then used AI to whip up the unique flavor profile of Y3000.

For a limited time, you can enjoy a zero-sugar version of Y3000 in select markets. What’s more, the can’s design is also AI-inspired, symbolizing a brighter and more positive future.

While Coca-Cola isn’t the pioneer in using AI for product development in the food and beverage industry, this step showcases the immense potential of technology in transforming how products are conceived and marketed. It’s an exciting glimpse into a future where AI innovation knows no bounds.

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