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Customs Authorities Seize Over 200 iPhones Valued at Rs. 60 Million at Islamabad Airport


In a significant operation, customs officials at Islamabad Airport successfully seized 250 luxury mobile phones, including various models of iPhones, with a collective worth of Rs. 60 million. The operation resulted in the arrest of two passengers who were attempting to smuggle these high-value devices into the country.

The customs officials, stationed at Islamabad Airport, intercepted the contraband during a routine inspection. The seized mobile phones consisted of popular models such as iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14, known for their premium features and hefty price tags. The market value of these confiscated iPhones alone amounts to an estimated Rs. 60 million.

The incident unfolded when PIA Flight 216, en route from Dubai to Peshawar, was diverted to Islamabad due to adverse weather conditions. Acting swiftly upon receiving information, customs staff at Islamabad Airport apprehended two passengers and discovered 139 iPhones in the possession of Mohammad Abbas, while the remaining 111 units were found with other passengers.

This seizure highlights the vigilance and effectiveness of customs authorities in curbing illegal smuggling attempts. It also sheds light on the prevalence of individuals attempting to bypass customs regulations by evading taxes and duties. Sources suggest that there may be instances of collusion between passengers and customs personnel, allowing the clearance of expensive goods without proper documentation. Such cases, although infrequent, pose a significant challenge to the integrity of customs operations and the prevention of illicit activities.

The confiscation of these luxury mobile phones not only prevents the influx of undeclared goods into the country but also serves as a deterrent to potential smugglers. The value of these seized iPhones, both in terms of monetary worth and their popularity in the market, underscores the allure and demand for such high-end devices.

The Customs Department plays a crucial role in safeguarding the national economy by ensuring compliance with import regulations and collecting relevant duties and taxes. Efforts to combat smuggling and the illegal importation of goods are ongoing, as customs authorities strive to maintain the integrity of trade and protect the interests of the country.

It is pertinent for the Customs Department to continue their rigorous inspections and investigations, collaborating closely with other law enforcement agencies to address any instances of collusion or corruption. By maintaining strict oversight and accountability, customs authorities can effectively deter smuggling attempts and uphold the rule of law.

The successful seizure of these iPhones sends a clear message that attempts to evade customs regulations and engage in illegal activities will not go unpunished. The Customs Department remains committed to its mission of safeguarding national interests, ensuring fair trade practices, and upholding the principles of transparency and accountability.

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