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Government Boosts Naya Pakistan Certificates Profits Up to 6%

Attractive Returns for Savers and Overseas Pakistanis


The Pakistani government is making it more profitable for people to save their money. They’ve increased the interest rates on something called “Naya Pakistan Certificates” or NPCs. These new rates, starting from September 1, 2023, promise better returns for savers.

The rates for these certificates have gone up, ranging from 15% to an impressive 21% when we talk in terms of Pakistani Rupees (PKR). The goal is to encourage people, especially those living abroad, to put their money into these certificates and send more foreign money into Pakistan.


Here are the new rates for different time periods:

Tenure Old Rates PKR (%) New Rates PKR (%) Changes (%)
3 months 15 21 +6
6 months 15.25 21.25 +6
12 months 15.5 21.5 +6
3 years 14 17.5 +3.5
5 years 13.5 15 +1.5


Along with this, the government has also increased the profits you can earn from other savings bonds. They did this to match the rising interest rates in the world.


In American dollars (USD), here are the new rates:

Tenure Old Rates USD (%) New Rates USD (%) Changes (%)
3 months 7 8.25 +1.25
6 months 7.2 8.5 +1.3
12 months 7.5 9 +1.5
3 years 8 8 No change
5 years 8 8 No change


According to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), a lot of money is coming into Pakistan through these savings accounts. It’s about $6.5 billion. Many Pakistanis living abroad have opened 596,268 accounts across 175 countries by the end of July 2023.

The SBP also said that around $1.5 billion has been sent back to Pakistan by July, and $3.9 billion has been used within the country. The total amount sent and used is $5.4 billion, with a net remaining amount of $1.1 billion.

From September 2020 to July 2023, $731 million has been saved through these accounts. $319 million is from regular NPCs, $390 million from Islamic NPCs, and $21 million from Roshan Equity Investments. The rest, around $377 million, sits in accounts, and $20 million is in other forms of liabilities.


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