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Gwadar International Airport Faces Delay: New Opening Date Announced

Setbacks and Uncertainties Surrounding the Crucial CPEC Infrastructure Project


In a development that has raised concerns among policymakers and the business community, the inauguration of the highly anticipated Gwadar International Airport has been postponed once again. This airport, considered a pivotal component of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), is being developed with significant Chinese investment.

Khaqan Murtaza, the Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority, confirmed this latest delay, attributing it to technical issues and problems with equipment deliveries from China. He indicated that the delayed cargo from China is anticipated to finally arrive later this month. Originally slated for inauguration in the present month, the new opening date has now been set by Chinese authorities for March 2024. However, Murtaza expressed a level of uncertainty surrounding this new deadline, hinting at the possibility of further delays.

Gwadar International Airport holds tremendous significance within the framework of the CPEC initiative, symbolizing the collaborative efforts of China and Pakistan to bolster infrastructure and stimulate regional economic growth through improved connectivity.

This ambitious airport project, with an allocated budget of $230 million, broke ground in 2019 and is wholly financed by China. Once completed, it is poised to become Pakistan’s second-largest airport, sprawling over an expansive 18 square kilometers. The airport’s construction aligns seamlessly with the overarching mission of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, aimed at enhancing transportation and trade routes, thereby attracting investors and tourists to Gwadar and the broader region.

As the international community closely watches the progress and setbacks of the Gwadar International Airport, its ultimate completion remains of paramount importance for both China and Pakistan in realizing the full potential of the CPEC venture and fostering economic development in the region.

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