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Job Search Abroad: 450,000 Pakistanis Seek Opportunities Overseas in 2023

Exploring Why Lots of Pakistanis Are Going to Other Countries for Work


The Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment provided the data. In these seven months, 450,110 Pakistanis registered to work abroad.

Looking at the details, 192,188 of those who left were workers, and 96,466 were drivers. There were also 4,705 engineers, 4,431 accountants, 1,925 doctors, and 764 teachers among those who left.

Breaking it down more, 12,787 people were very well educated, and 26,405 were really good at their jobs.

Out of everyone who left, 205,515 went to Saudi Arabia, 121,745 to the United Arab Emirates, 35,637 to Qatar, and 34,140 to Oman. Other countries on the list include Malaysia (16,166), Bahrain (7,441), Greece (2,565), Romania (3,275), and Iraq (2,119).

It’s important to know that this data is only about people who registered with the Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment. People who went abroad for education or in different ways are not included.

Last year, 832,339 Pakistanis went to other countries for jobs, which was the highest number since 2016.

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