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Powerful Earthquake Shakes Morocco: Over 600 Dead, Marrakesh Heartbroken

Morocco's Darkest Day: Strong Earthquake Shatters Peace, World Offers Support


Marrakesh, Morocco: A big earthquake came on Friday. It was very strong, 6.8 in strength, and happened 72 kilometers from Marrakesh. Because of this, more than 632 people died and 329 got hurt, the TV told us.

Many people in Marrakesh, a place where many tourists go, were very scared. Abdelhak El Amrani, a man who lives there, said, “We felt a very strong shake, and I knew it was an earthquake.” Lights and phones stopped working, making people even more scared. Many people stayed outside because they were scared of more shakes.

Many buildings fell down and there was a lot of broken stuff on the roads. A tall building called a minaret also fell in a famous place in Marrakesh. Many people slept outside because they were scared.

Houda Outassaf, another person, said, “10 people in my family died… It was very, very sad.”

The USGS PAGER system said that this earthquake was very bad and we need to help a lot.


People in Marrakesh are asking for blood to help those who got hurt. In a small town, there is news of a family stuck under a fallen house.

This earthquake was the biggest one to ever come in Morocco. Before this, in 2004, another earthquake came and more than 600 people died. In 1960, another earthquake killed more than 12,000 people.

Leaders from other countries, like Pakistan’s Prime Minister Anwaar ul Haq Kakar,

Germany’s leader Olaf Scholz,

and India’s leader Narendra Modi, said they are sad and will help.

Now, people are helping and the whole world is watching Morocco and feeling sad with them.

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