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Riyadh Air Cautions Job Seekers Against Fake Websites: Ensuring Secure Career Opportunities


Riyadh Air, the newest major airline in Saudi Arabia, is issuing a warning to job seekers regarding the presence of fraudulent job websites attempting to deceive unsuspecting applicants. As the airline prepares for a significant recruitment drive to fulfill various positions, enabling its mission to connect the Kingdom with over 100 destinations worldwide by 2030, it emphasizes the importance of vigilance to avoid falling victim to these deceptive practices.

Owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF), Riyadh Air has ambitious plans not only to expand its operations but also to create more than 200,000 direct and indirect jobs. This employment growth demonstrates the airline’s commitment to contributing to the Kingdom’s economic development and opening up new avenues of opportunity for individuals.

Unfortunately, scammers have identified the surge in job openings as an opportunity to exploit job seekers. They lure applicants into paying fees during the application process, preying on their hopes of securing a position at Riyadh Air. However, the airline is determined to protect job seekers from falling into such traps.

Taking to social media platforms, Riyadh Air has proactively issued a warning to potential applicants, raising awareness about the existence of fraudulent websites. The airline strongly emphasizes that it never requests any form of payment or banking details from job seekers during the application process. It urges individuals to exercise caution and only engage with official channels when submitting job applications. Riyadh Air assures applicants that its official channels will never ask for money or personal bank information, ensuring a safe and reliable application process.

The overwhelming response from individuals interested in joining Riyadh Air since its official launch highlights the need for caution and awareness. The airline acknowledges the enthusiasm of potential candidates while emphasizing the risks associated with unofficial websites and links that demand monetary fees. In light of this, Riyadh Air advises job seekers to exclusively visit its official website and utilize verified communication platforms for submitting their applications. By following these guidelines, applicants can ensure a legitimate and secure application process, safeguarding their personal information and aspirations.

Riyadh Air is currently advertising a range of positions, catering to aspiring candidates with diverse skill sets. These job opportunities encompass roles such as pilots, captains, first officers, cabin crew, director of loyalty strategy, interior design manager, fleet technical services manager, director of digital experience, and HR director. By offering a wide array of positions, Riyadh Air aims to attract talented individuals who will contribute to the airline’s success and help shape the future of the aviation industry in Saudi Arabia.

As Riyadh Air continues to establish itself as a prominent player in the aviation sector, it remains committed to maintaining transparency, safeguarding the interests of job seekers, and ensuring a fair and secure recruitment process. With its emphasis on official channels and verified platforms, Riyadh Air strives to create a trusted and reliable environment for individuals seeking rewarding career opportunities within the airline.

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