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Tragedy Strikes After Birth of Third Daughter

Unraveling the Pressures and Pain Behind a Heartbreaking Leap


In a heart-wrenching turn of events at Lahore General Hospital (LGH), a 22-year-old woman, identified as Sidra Afzal, took a drastic step by jumping from the hospital’s second floor shortly after the birth of her third daughter. The incident, which unfolded on a Friday morning, has left the community in shock and has prompted a thorough investigation into the circumstances leading to this tragic act.

Preliminary inquiries into the incident reveal that Sidra may have been driven to this extreme measure out of fear of anticipated societal judgments and comments from her relatives. The root cause appears to be the societal pressure associated with not having given birth to a male child. Sidra, who was undergoing treatment in the hospital’s labor room, reportedly leaped from a window, resulting in critical injuries.

The timeline of events indicates that Sidra had recently given birth to her third daughter through a C-section at a private hospital in Kasur on September 18. Her deteriorating health condition led to her transfer to LGH for further medical attention. Medical Superintendent Prof Nurdat Sohail shared that Sidra underwent a procedure to remove approximately two liters of fluid and blood from her abdomen. Owing to the complexity of her health situation, she was subsequently moved to the intensive care unit, with two female attendants permitted to attend to her.

In response to this tragic incident, Prof. Al-Fareed Zafar, Principal of the Postgraduate Medical Institute (PGMI), has taken a proactive step by constituting a five-member committee to thoroughly investigate the matter. The committee, led by Prof. of Urology Dr. Khizar Hayyat Gondal, aims to unravel the circumstances that led to Sidra’s desperate act. Additionally, law enforcement agencies are being engaged to conduct a parallel investigation into the incident.

As the community grapples with the aftermath of this heartbreaking incident, it underscores the pressing need to address societal expectations and pressures that can have severe consequences on individuals and their mental well-being. The investigation into Sidra Afzal’s case not only seeks to uncover the truth but also raises important questions about the support systems in place for individuals facing such societal pressures.

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