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Trapped Chairlift Incident in Alai: Kids and Teachers Stuck Mid-Air in Battagram, KP

Emergency: Chairlift Wire Breaks, Kids and Teachers Trapped 900 Feet High


Something scary happened in a nice place called Alai in Tigram. A chairlift’s rope suddenly broke, and this left some kids from school and their teachers stuck way up in the air. This happened early in the morning near a town named Bitgram, which is in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. People got worried about the kids and teachers because they were so high up.

The chairlift was hanging from two strong ropes and was taking the teachers and eight kids on a ride to see the pretty sights. But then, both of the ropes suddenly broke at the same time! This made the chairlift stop very quickly, and it stayed at a steep angle, really high above the ground.

The kids and teachers on the chairlift were surprised and scared because they didn’t expect this to happen. They had to wait and stay on the chairlift, even though it was not moving and was tilted.

A person called the Commissioner of Hazara heard about this problem and wanted to help. They asked the caretaker government to send a helicopter. A helicopter is a big flying machine that can go to tough places. They needed the helicopter to help the kids and teachers come back down safely.

Using a helicopter is a smart idea because it can go to places that are hard to reach. The helicopter can help the kids and teachers get down from so high up, and it’s a good way to keep them safe.

People all over the world, including students who come to Pakistan to learn, felt sad when they heard about this. It’s important to be ready for unexpected things, even when we’re doing normal stuff.

Right now, the people in charge are working hard to get everything ready to save the kids and teachers. The government is thinking about what to do and how to rescue them. This situation also teaches us that we should be very careful about safety, especially when we’re using things like chairlifts that go up in the air.

Even though this happened in a faraway place, it’s a reminder that we all have a duty to keep each other safe. As the rescue happens, we all hope that the kids and teachers will come back down very soon. This way, everyone can be happy knowing that when we work together, we can solve even the toughest problems.

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