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Youngest Pakistani Achieves ‘True Summit’ of Manaslu: Shehroze Kashif’s Remarkable Feat

Shehroze Kashif Sets Record as Youngest Pakistani to Conquer Manaslu's 'True Summit'


Pakistani mountaineer Shehroze Kashif has accomplished an extraordinary feat, scaling the pinnacle of Mount Manaslu, the eighth tallest mountain globally, soaring to a majestic height of 8,163 meters.

What elevates this achievement to even greater heights is Shehroze’s age; at just 21 years old, hailing from Lahore, he achieved this remarkable ascent. The summit of Mount Manaslu was conquered at 5:01 am PKT on a Wednesday morning, an accomplishment confirmed by his father, Kashif Salman.

This remarkable feat etches Shehroze’s name in history as the youngest Pakistani to conquer the “true summit” of Mount Manaslu.

This isn’t Shehroze’s maiden encounter with Mount Manaslu, nestled in the Nepalese Himalayas. In September 2021, he successfully ascended the mountain, believing he had reached the summit. However, subsequent assessments revealed that the actual summit, referred to as the “true summit,” was slightly higher than the point initially identified as the peak.

Despite earning recognition from Nepalese mountaineering authorities for his initial climb, Shehroze was resolute in his determination to return and conquer the true summit, a mission he triumphantly accomplished in his recent expedition.

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