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Peshawar’s 2 Popular Housing Societies Operate Without NOCs

Peshawar's Real Estate Challenge - Housing Societies Operating Without Necessary Approvals


PESHAWAR: In a surprising revelation, the interim government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has spotlighted glaring irregularities in the real estate sector of the province. Two renowned housing societies in Peshawar, namely Citi Housing and Bahria Town, have come under scrutiny for reportedly selling forms without obtaining the mandatory No Objection Certificate (NOC) from relevant authorities.

Provincial Information Minister, Feroze Jamal Shah Kakakhel, in a recent press briefing, cautioned prospective buyers and investors about these discrepancies. Emphasizing the need for stringent checks and balances, he remarked, “Investments are certainly welcome in our province. However, they should not be made at the expense of the hard-earned savings of our residents.”

In the past weeks, multiple offices of unauthorised housing projects have faced closure. With the revelations coming to light, further probes have been initiated into other housing societies suspected to operate without NOCs.

The provincial government has displayed its commitment to addressing the issue, with Kakakhel reiterating the essence of proper approvals. “It’s imperative for the public to be discerning and only funnel their investments into housing projects backed by official sanctions,” he added.

Apart from the real estate developments, the interim government is also actively addressing the hoarding of essential commodities. Recent operations led to the seizure of 8,000 bags of wheat and a significant 90,000 liters of cooking oil from alleged hoarders.

Financial concerns were another cornerstone of the press briefing. The provincial government is eagerly awaiting a considerable sum of Rs. 262 billion from the central authority. To date, funds amounting to Rs. 1.5 trillion have been received since 2016.

To effectively counter the myriad challenges facing the province, a specialized task force is now in place. Under the vigilant eye of the home secretary, this unit is geared to curtail illicit activities such as gold, sugar, and electricity theft, along with dollar smuggling.

As Peshawar awaits a dynamic electoral season, Kakakhel hinted at upcoming elections, saying they would proceed as soon as the Election Commission delineates the schedule. He also mentioned the ongoing adjustments to electoral boundaries, rooted in the recent population census data.

For those considering real estate investments in Peshawar, due diligence is now more important than ever. With swift actions taken by the interim government, one can only hope for more transparency and regularity in the housing sector.

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