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Cat Pain Detector: Innovative App Uses AI to Assess Your Cat’s Well-being


Tokyo-based tech firm and Nihon University’s College of Bioresource Sciences have joined forces to create a groundbreaking app called “Cat Pain Detector,” designed to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) technology in assessing whether a cat is experiencing pain.

Since its recent launch, the app has garnered a considerable user base, with over 43,000 downloads. By analyzing thousands of cat photos, the app leverages AI algorithms to identify subtle indicators of discomfort that might otherwise go unnoticed.

To develop this innovative tool, researchers from Carelogy and Nihon University conducted an in-depth study of various feline features, including ears, noses, whiskers, and eyelids. Through this research, they devised a scoring system capable of distinguishing between healthy cats and those suffering from hard-to-detect illnesses, providing valuable insights into the cat’s well-being.

By inputting the collected data into the AI detection system, the app has achieved an impressive accuracy rate exceeding 90 percent, as reported by Go Sakioka, the head of Carelogy.

The ultimate objective of the “Cat Pain Detector” app is to empower cat owners to assess their pets’ condition at home, aiding them in making informed decisions regarding veterinary visits. While some Japanese veterinarians have already integrated the app into their practices, Sakioka emphasizes the necessity of further refining the AI system to ensure its reliability before it becomes a widely standardized tool.

The popularity of this app highlights the growing availability of pet-related technologies designed to help owners monitor their animals’ health and emotional well-being. Similar mood and pain tracking applications have been developed in Canada and Israel, catering to the concerns of pet owners worldwide.

In Japan, where cats hold cultural significance as symbols of luck and numerous cat-themed establishments exist, the “Cat Pain Detector” app has gained substantial traction among cat enthusiasts and concerned owners.

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However, the developers acknowledge the importance of continuously enhancing the AI system’s precision before widespread adoption. This commitment to refinement ensures that the app can deliver reliable and accurate results, further solidifying its role in supporting the well-being of feline companions.

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