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Chicken Communication: New AI System Reveals Their Emotions

Advancing Poultry Welfare Through Emotion Deciphering AI Innovation


Japanese researchers have achieved a noteworthy milestone with the development of an AI system capable of discerning the emotions of chickens. Spearheaded by Professor Adrian David Cheok at the University of Tokyo, this innovative system, known as “Deep Emotional Analysis Learning” (DEAL), marks a significant breakthrough.

This groundbreaking study transcends the realm of poultry and extends its implications far and wide. DEAL possesses the capability to decode a spectrum of emotions in chickens, including hunger, fear, anger, contentment, excitement, and distress. It accomplishes this feat through the utilization of advanced AI technology to analyze the vocalizations and sounds emitted by these avian creatures.

Professor Cheok expresses enthusiasm regarding the potential impact of this research, emphasizing that gaining insights into the emotional states of animals can contribute to the creation of a more compassionate world for them. The newfound ability to interpret and comprehend the emotions of chickens holds the promise of advancing the welfare and well-being of these feathered beings.

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