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Global Digital Media Giants Express Deep Concern Over Pakistan’s AI Policy

Concerns Raised by Global Digital Media Giants Over Pakistan's AI Policy


In a recent development, global digital media giants have raised substantial concerns regarding Pakistan’s new Artificial Intelligence (AI) policy. The expressed apprehensions revolve around the potential impact of the policy on the country’s digital economy growth.

In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, the Asia Internet Coalition (AIC) and its members conveyed their deep reservations about the potential passing of several legislative acts, including the Personal Data Protection Bill (PDPB), E-Safety Authority Bill, and forthcoming amendments to key regulations.

The AIC, representing leading digital platforms, emphasized the importance of policy certainty and predictability amid economic challenges. The lack of broad-based consultation and transparency in the legislative process has raised alarms within the industry. The hurried pace of these developments has prompted international companies to reconsider their investment strategies in Pakistan.

The AIC recognizes the value of a multi-stakeholder approach to policy formation that fosters innovation. However, the proposed legislation is deemed detrimental to Pakistan’s digital economy growth. It could hinder the availability of services to Pakistani users and businesses.

The industry association appeals to the government to collaborate on practical and transparent regulations that uphold both internet advantages and national interests. The AIC stresses its commitment to engaging constructively with Pakistan to promote an environment conducive to innovation, investment, and digital progress.

While the AIC acknowledges the necessity of regulation, it highlights the importance of aligning legislation with internationally recognized rights to privacy and individual expression. The organization calls for careful consideration to ensure that Pakistan’s digital transformation efforts are not compromised.

This appeal underscores the need for open communication, collaboration, and the development of regulations that strike a balance between fostering technological advancement and safeguarding essential rights. The global digital media giants aim to contribute positively to Pakistan’s digital ecosystem, benefitting both the nation and its people.

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