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Instagram Introduces New Safety Feature to Limit Unwanted Messages

Instagram Introduces New Feature to Curb Unwanted Messages and Spam


Instagram, a popular social media platform, has taken a significant step towards enhancing user safety and reducing spam by introducing a new feature for its Direct Messages (DMs). This feature aims to curb the annoyance of receiving constant messages from unknown individuals.

Limiting Unwanted Messages

With this new safety feature, Instagram users will now receive only one message from someone they don’t follow. This restriction is designed to prevent strangers from bombarding users with multiple messages and unwanted notifications. To engage in a more extended conversation, the sender must either have their chat request accepted or be added as a follower by the recipient.

Effective Spam Reduction

This update is particularly beneficial for users with larger accounts who often receive messages from unfamiliar people. By limiting the initial interaction to a single text-based message, Instagram aims to address the issue of spam and ensure a more controlled messaging experience for its users.

Enhancing User Confidence

Cindy Southworth, the head of Women’s Safety at Meta, the parent company of Instagram, highlighted the platform’s commitment to providing users with a confident and controlled inbox experience. This new feature aligns with Instagram’s efforts to create a secure environment and empower users to manage their interactions effectively.

Additional Safety Measures

This recent addition complements Instagram’s existing safety measures, including the “Hidden Words” feature that automatically blocks potentially offensive language in messages from strangers. These messages are directed to a separate folder, enabling users to easily avoid unwanted content.

Empowering User Choices

In addition to restricting unwanted messages, Instagram offers the “Restrict” option, allowing users to manage bothersome comments from specific individuals. This option ensures that comments from restricted users are only visible to them, providing users with a discreet way to handle unwanted interactions without resorting to blocking.

As Instagram continues to prioritize user safety and interaction quality, these updates reflect the platform’s dedication to creating a positive and secure digital space for its global community.

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