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Massive Expansion of Lahore’s Surveillance System as 2,000 New Cameras Set to be Activated


Lahore, the cultural capital of Pakistan, is set to undergo a significant transformation in its surveillance infrastructure with the activation of 2,000 new cameras as part of the city’s Safe City Project. The project, implemented in collaboration with a Chinese company, aims to enhance the city’s security measures and eliminate blind spots in the existing surveillance system. According to a recent media report, these cameras are scheduled to become operational on Pakistan’s Independence Day, August 14, 2023.

The initiative seeks to bolster Lahore’s security capabilities by leveraging cutting-edge technology and comprehensive surveillance coverage. The installation of these new cameras is a crucial step towards achieving this goal. Inspector General of Punjab Police, Usman Anwar, issued a deadline of June 29, 2023, for the Chinese company to procure the necessary equipment required for camera installation. The company successfully imported a range of technical components, including cameras, power batteries, and LED displays, essential for the implementation of the project.

In line with the project’s timeline, the Chinese corporation has been given until August 14 to activate the additional 2,000 cameras. During this period, all software components, including advanced facial recognition systems, will be fully integrated and operational. The deployment of such sophisticated technology will enable real-time monitoring, quick identification of potential security threats, and efficient law enforcement responses.

The spokesperson further emphasized that the responsibility for ensuring the smooth and successful implementation of the project rests with the Chinese corporation. Their expertise and commitment to delivering a fully functional and reliable surveillance system will play a vital role in making Lahore a safer city for its residents and visitors.

The expansion of Lahore’s surveillance network signifies a significant investment in enhancing public safety and security. The strategic placement of these cameras will help authorities in better crime prevention, detection, and investigation, contributing to a more secure and vigilant environment. As technology continues to evolve, the integration of advanced surveillance systems holds the potential to revolutionize urban security measures, setting a benchmark for other cities across Pakistan and beyond. The project’s success will be measured not only by the activation of the cameras but also by the effectiveness of the overall system in safeguarding the city and its inhabitants.

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