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PM’s Rs. 5 Billion IT Package Receives Green Light: Igniting Pakistan’s Digital Revolution


In a significant development, the Central Development Working Party (CDWP) has given its approval, albeit conditionally, to the Prime Minister’s Initiative for IT Startups, Specialized IT Training, and Venture Capital. With a substantial budget of Rs. 5,000 million, this visionary project aims to revolutionize Pakistan’s IT sector, unlocking its potential for innovation and driving economic growth.

The comprehensive package comprises three key components, each playing a crucial role in transforming the digital landscape of the country.

Component 1: Venture Capital Fund (Rs. 1,700 million) One of the primary objectives of this initiative is to create an enabling environment for venture capital investment in Pakistan. The Venture Capital Fund, with a budget allocation of Rs. 1,700 million, seeks to promote the growth of startups, attract foreign investments, and facilitate the establishment of new companies. By providing the necessary financial support and guidance, this fund will drive the modernization of Pakistan’s economy and generate a plethora of job opportunities.

Component 2: Prime Minister’s InnovateNation Endowment Fund and Pakistan Innovation Grants (Rs. 1,300 million) To nurture a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainable economic growth, the Prime Minister’s InnovateNation Endowment Fund and Pakistan Innovation Grants have been allocated Rs. 1,300 million. These funds aim to provide early-stage startups with the financial backing and resources they need to flourish. By nurturing the startup ecosystem, this component will not only foster job creation but also contribute to technology development and overall socio-economic progress across the country.

Component 3: Specialized IT Trainings (Rs. 2,000 million) Recognizing the crucial role of a skilled workforce in driving the IT industry forward, the project allocates Rs. 2,000 million to offer specialized IT training programs. These initiatives will equip 8,000 selected individuals, regardless of their IT background, with in-demand skills such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, and more. The goal is to create a highly skilled workforce capable of meeting the evolving demands of the IT sector.

Moreover, this component aims to produce 300 master trainers who will play a pivotal role in imparting training, designing human resource development programs, and ensuring the sustainability of the IT skill development initiative. Notably, the top-ranking trainees will have the opportunity to intern at IT companies for three months, receiving a monthly stipend of PKR 50,000.

The Prime Minister’s Initiative for IT Startups, Specialized IT Training, and Venture Capital holds immense potential to propel Pakistan’s IT sector to new heights. By fostering a culture of innovation, creating a favorable investment climate, generating employment opportunities, and nurturing a highly skilled workforce, the Government is paving the way for a digital future. This strategic move aligns with the broader vision of transforming Pakistan into a leading player in the global digital arena and ensuring sustainable economic growth in the digital age.

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