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Sajid Sadpara Latest News

The Latest News about Sajid Sadpara in news is Sajid Sadpara Honors His Father by Cleaning World's 2nd Tallest Peak, K2. Subscribe to the RSS or save the link to stay updated with Sajid Sadpara latest news. publishes authentic and unbiased posts pertaining to Sajid Sadpara regularly at this page. According to the News: In a touching tribute to his late father, Sajid Ali Sadpara has embarked on a noble journey to clean up the iconic K2 mountain, the second tallest peak in the world. Clad in a suit adorned with Pakistan's flag, Sadpara ascends the 8,611-meter mountain to clear away debris and waste left behind by climbers, a mission he deems a duty to honor his father's legacy and care for the majestic