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Laser Pointer Threats Surge near Karachi Airport

Rising Incidents of Laser Light Strikes Endangering Aircraft Operations and Passengers


Karachi, Pakistan – In a growing concern for aviation safety, numerous complaints from pilots have surfaced regarding an alarming increase in laser light strikes on aircraft during takeoff and landing procedures at Jinnah International Airport, Karachi. Sources within the Air Traffic Control (ATC) have disclosed that these incidents have become a pressing issue, drawing attention to the potential dangers they pose.

Laser pointers, which are readily available in the commercial market, are being misused by residents in proximity to the airport, with devastating consequences. These incidents are not only a nuisance but also have the potential to disrupt a pilot’s vision, causing distractions and disorientation during the critical phases of flight.

Pilots have reported laser light strikes originating from various areas near the Karachi airport, including Model Colony, Korangi, Shah Faisal Colony, Pehlwan Goth, and other nearby regions. What is particularly concerning is the recent surge in these incidents over the past week, prompting national and international airlines to inform air traffic controllers about the growing threat.

The most vulnerable moments for aircraft are during their approach for landing and immediately after takeoff, precisely when these laser attacks occur. Pilots have lodged formal complaints with the ATC, highlighting the difficulty they face while trying to navigate their aircraft safely during these crucial stages of a flight.

It’s crucial to recognize that the lasers aimed at airplanes not only cause momentary distraction but can also lead to severe disruptions and disorientation, jeopardizing the lives of passengers and crew members on board. Authorities are now under pressure to address this issue promptly and implement measures to deter such dangerous activities near the airport.

As the number of laser pointer attacks continues to rise, the aviation community must unite to combat this menace and ensure the safety of all those who rely on air travel in and out of Karachi.

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