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Intense Heatwave Grips Sindh: Workers Struggle to Cope


In Sindh, cities like Larkana, Nawabshah, and Mithi are enduring extreme heat, with temperatures exceeding 50 degrees Celsius for three consecutive days. The searing heat has emptied major commercial areas like Jiles Bazaar and Anaj Mandi, leaving only a few shops and hotels open.

Ali Muhammad, working at a tandoor on Station Road, describes the heat as unbearable, yet he continues to work to support his family. Similarly, Arif, a push-cart vendor, and Akhtiar, a donkey cart driver, face oppressive conditions daily to earn a living.

In Tharparkar, the desert heat has turned the area into a furnace. Workers like Chandomal from Islamkot continue to labor under the scorching sun to provide for their families. The district government has set up cold water stalls and shade tents to offer some relief.

Mithi’s vegetable vendor Madan and Nawabshah’s construction worker Sadoro share similar struggles. Despite the grueling conditions, they persist, driven by the need to support their families. Sadoro, who started working at 18, endures physical and emotional challenges, often relying on glucose drips to recover from heatstroke and continue working.

This intense heatwave highlights the harsh realities faced by Sindh’s laborers, who, despite the extreme conditions, have no choice but to continue working to survive.

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