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UAE’s Autumn Equinox 2023: Cooler Days Ahead

Weather Update and Seasonal Shift


As the scorching summer heat in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) gradually subsides, the nation looks forward to the arrival of autumn. September 22 marks the official end of summer in the UAE, and with it comes the promise of cooler temperatures.

In an announcement shared on X, previously known as Twitter, the Sharjah Planetarium unveiled the eagerly anticipated arrival of the autumn equinox, scheduled for September 23, 2023. This celestial event will kick off at 10:50 AM local time when the sun aligns directly over the equator, resulting in an equal distribution of sunlight between the northern and southern hemispheres.

Following the autumn equinox, it is expected that day and night durations in the UAE will become equal, likely occurring around October 2, approximately 45 days after the sighting of the Suhail star. This astronomical occurrence signifies the transition from summer to winter in this region.

The National Center of Meteorology has provided a weather forecast for the upcoming week, predicting fair to partly cloudy conditions with refreshing daytime winds. Additionally, there is a likelihood of mist and fog formation during the early mornings on certain days.

Temperatures are expected to range from a minimum of 25°C to a maximum of 46°C in the internal areas of the country. As the UAE bids farewell to summer, residents and visitors can look forward to milder and more pleasant weather conditions.

Speaking of the Suhail star, its appearance on August 24 marked a significant moment in the local calendar. Often referred to as the “Star of Yemen,” the Suhail star holds a special place in Arab culture, signifying the transition between seasons. However, it’s worth noting that temperatures typically begin to change gradually over a period of 100 days following the star’s sighting, making it a vital cultural and meteorological milestone.

With the arrival of autumn and the promise of more comfortable temperatures, the people of the UAE can now enjoy the changing seasons and the unique cultural significance attached to celestial events like the Suhail star’s appearance.

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