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Syeda Tuba Anwar Faces Backlash for Justifying Her Character in ‘Baby Baji’

Netizens Divided Over Syeda Tuba Anwar's Stand on 'Baby Baji' Character's Actions


The popular drama serial “Baby Baji” has been the talk of the town, and its lead actress, Syeda Tuba Anwar, who plays the character of Farhat, recently found herself at the center of controversy. In a recent interview, Tuba Anwar defended her character’s actions, which had sparked criticism and disapproval from netizens.

The drama revolves around the dynamics of a joint family, and Farhat’s character has been at the center of emotional conflicts on the show. Many viewers expressed their strong disapproval of Farhat’s attitude towards her mother-in-law, who moved in with her son after her husband’s passing.

During the interview, Tuba Anwar stood by her character’s actions, stating that everyone, regardless of gender or living arrangements, should have the right to set boundaries in a marriage. She emphasized the importance of respecting one another’s decisions and feelings within a marital relationship.

Tuba justified Farhat’s feelings of discomfort when her husband, Wasif, invited his mother to live with them after the passing of his father. According to the actress, clear communication and understanding between spouses are essential to avoid conflicts in such sensitive situations.

While some viewers supported Tuba’s stance on individual rights and boundaries in a marriage, others disagreed and expressed their disapproval of Farhat’s behavior towards her mother-in-law. One fan commented that Farhat’s character was initially portrayed as being in the right, but her later actions and unhappiness towards her mother-in-law’s arrival changed viewers’ perceptions.

“Baby Baji” has struck a chord with viewers due to its realistic portrayal of family dynamics and social issues related to living in a joint family. The drama has become a topic of discussion among netizens, with people sharing their opinions on the complexities of familial relationships and emotional conflicts depicted in the show.

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