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Computer Program Can Decode Typing Sounds and Guess Passwords

New Study Reveals Surprising Skills of Artificial Intelligence


In a recent UK study, an astonishing revelation has come to light: a specialized computer program has the uncanny ability to covertly listen to the sounds of your typing and decipher precisely what you are typing. While this might seem like the stuff of fiction, it is, in fact, a stark reality.

This discovery raises significant concerns, primarily because the program boasts an impressive accuracy rate in guessing passwords – up to a staggering 95% accuracy. This alarming development underscores the criticality of safeguarding our digital assets.

Researchers embarked on a journey to train a computer program in the nuances of typing sounds, delving into factors like key pressure and typing rhythm. The experimental stage involved employing a MacBook Pro computer, and the program’s performance yielded surprising results. It flawlessly mimicked the typing sounds, shedding light on the vulnerabilities of our password protection systems. Intriguingly, the program prioritizes the subtleties of typing behavior over keyboard noise levels.

Remarkably, the program even proved its prowess in scenarios where individuals engaged in online conversations via platforms like Zoom and Skype. Despite background chatter, the program accurately replicated typing in nearly 90% of instances.

This study serves as an eye-opener, emphasizing that our private information is susceptible to breaches. It underscores the urgency of implementing measures to fortify the security of our personal digital assets.

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