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Apple Issues Warning on Sleeping While Charging iPhones

Stay Alert and Fire-Free: Apple Urges Users to Stay Awake During Device Charging


Tech giant Apple has taken a proactive step towards user safety by issuing a warning to iPhone users about the potential risks of sleeping while their devices are charging. The advisory highlights Apple’s commitment to prioritizing the well-being of its customers. The company emphasizes the importance of maintaining proper ventilation during device usage and charging, discouraging users from placing their iPhones, power adapters, or wireless chargers under blankets, pillows, or their bodies while connected to a power source.

This cautionary message holds particular significance for individuals with physical conditions that may hinder their ability to sense heat when their devices are in close proximity. The advisory aims to raise awareness about the importance of staying awake and alert while charging devices, especially during sleep. An unexpected endorsement for this safety measure comes from a UK firefighter who shared insightful information through a TikTok post. The firefighter emphasized that the smell of fire cannot be detected while asleep and underscored the critical need to remain conscious during the charging process.

In the TikTok video, the firefighter delivers a stark reminder, stating, “It only takes three breaths, right, to knock you unconscious.” He also sheds light on the potential hazards associated with cheap or faulty phone chargers, which can lead to fires. Even genuine chargers, he notes, have been known to trigger such incidents. He advises users to charge their phones while awake and present whenever feasible, underlining the importance of adopting proactive fire safety measures.

Apple’s safety advisory serves as a timely reminder that responsible practices should always accompany the convenience of modern technology. By disseminating this guidance, Apple aims to empower its users to make informed choices that protect their well-being, ensuring that seamless digital experiences also prioritize safety and security.


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